2015 October 25 (Sunday): Harry T. Cook   2:30 PM First Lecture: Varying Portraits of Jesus In The Gospel Gallery: Why? 3:30 PM Q&A 4:00 PM Break (light refreshments) 4:30PM Second Lecture: Conflicting Scripture Regarding the Resurrection: Closer Looks at I Corinthians 15:1-20, Mark 16:1-8 and John 20 & 21 5:30PM Q&A 6:00PM Finish  … Read More

ANDERSON SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY FOR LAYPERSONS Lectures by Barbara Brown Taylor, 22 February 2015 Dr. Taylor’s lectures addressed the challenges of living with religious difference in today’s world, especially at a time when so much of the news we hear is about the rage and violence spawned by religious extremism both at home and abroad.… Read More